Voltage Divider Calculator

The “Voltage Divider Calculator” is a convenient online tool designed to assist you in calculating the output voltage of a voltage divider circuit. A voltage divider is a fundamental electronic circuit that allows you to generate a lower voltage from a higher input voltage by using resistors.

Voltage Divider Calculator

Voltage Divider Calculator

How to Calculate Output Voltage for a Divider Circuit

To calculate the output voltage for a voltage divider circuit, you can follow these steps:

  1. Identify the values of the input voltage (Vin) and the resistors in the voltage divider circuit: R1 and R2.
  2. Ensure that the values of Vin, R1, and R2 are in the same units (e.g., volts for voltage and ohms for resistance).
  3. Apply the voltage divider formula, which states that the output voltage (Vout) is equal to Vin multiplied by the ratio of R2 to the sum of R1 and R2:Vout = Vin * (R2 / (R1 + R2))
  4. Substitute the values of Vin, R1, and R2 into the formula.
  5. Perform the necessary calculations to determine the output voltage (Vout).
  6. Round the result to an appropriate number of decimal places based on the precision required for your application.

By following these steps and using the “Voltage Divider Calculator,” you can easily and accurately determine the output voltage for a voltage divider circuit.

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