Tarot Combination Calculator

The “Tarot Combination Calculator” tool is a handy utility that assists in calculating combinations of Tarot cards. This tool simplifies the process by allowing users to assign numerical values to the cards and perform calculations based on their chosen mathematical operations.

Tarot Combination Calculator

Tarot Combination Calculator Tool

How To Calculate Tarot Combination

To calculate Tarot combinations, you can assign numerical values to each Tarot card and then perform mathematical operations on those values. Here’s a simple example of how you can calculate Tarot combinations:

  1. Assign Numerical Values: Assign a numerical value to each Tarot card in your deck. You can use any system you prefer, but for simplicity, let’s assign values from 1 to 78 based on the card’s position in the deck.
  2. Select the Cards: Choose the two Tarot cards for which you want to calculate the combination.
  3. Add or Subtract: Decide on the mathematical operation you want to perform on the selected cards. For example, you can add their values together or subtract one card’s value from the other.
  4. Perform the Calculation: Use the assigned numerical values to perform the chosen operation. The result will be the combined value of the two Tarot cards.