Peak Voltage Calculator

The “Peak Voltage Calculator” is a web-based tool designed to calculate the peak voltage from the given RMS (Root Mean Square) voltage. It is a useful calculation in the field of electrical engineering and electronics.

The calculator has a clean and modern user interface. The main section of the calculator is a container with a form and a result display area. The form includes a single input field where the user can enter the RMS voltage. The input field only accepts positive numbers with up to one decimal place. An example of a valid input could be “12.5” representing 12.5 volts.

Peak-to-Peak Voltage to Peak Voltage

RMS Voltage to Peak Voltage

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How to Calculate Peak Voltage

The peak voltage (Vp) can be calculated using the following formulas, depending on the given input:

  1. Peak-to-Peak Voltage (Vpp) to Peak Voltage (Vp): Vp = Vpp / 2
  2. RMS Voltage (VRMS) to Peak Voltage (Vp): Vp = VRMS * √2

In both cases, Vp represents the peak voltage, Vpp represents the peak-to-peak voltage, and VRMS represents the RMS voltage.

To calculate the peak voltage, simply divide the peak-to-peak voltage by 2 in the first case, or multiply the RMS voltage by the square root of 2 in the second case.

Please note that these formulas assume you are dealing with a sinusoidal waveform. If you have a different waveform or specific requirements, the calculation method may vary.

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