Liters per 100 Kilometers Fuel Consumption Calculator

The “Liters per 100 Kilometers Fuel Consumption Calculator” is a user-friendly tool that helps you calculate fuel consumption and cost per kilometer for your vehicle. By providing the trip distance, fuel consumed, and fuel cost, the tool quickly calculates the liters per 100 kilometers fuel consumption rate and the cost per kilometer.

Fuel Consumption Calculator

L/100 Kilometers Fuel Consumption Calculator Tool


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How to Calculate Fuel Consumption in Liters per 100km

To calculate fuel consumption in liters per 100 kilometers, you can follow these steps:

  1. Note the starting and ending odometer readings for your vehicle or the distance traveled during a specific trip.
  2. Keep track of the amount of fuel consumed during that period or trip.
  3. Calculate the total distance traveled by subtracting the starting odometer reading from the ending odometer reading.
  4. Convert the fuel consumed to liters if it’s in a different unit (e.g., gallons). You can use conversion factors or online conversion tools for this.
  5. Apply the following formula to determine the fuel consumption in liters per 100 kilometers:Fuel Consumption (L/100km) = (Fuel Consumed (L) / Distance Traveled (km)) * 100

For example, if you traveled 500 kilometers and consumed 40 liters of fuel, the calculation would be:

Fuel Consumption = (40 L / 500 km) * 100 = 8 L/100km

This means your vehicle consumed an average of 8 liters of fuel for every 100 kilometers traveled.