Engine Displacement Calculator

The “Engine Displacement Calculator” is a professional tool designed to calculate the engine displacement of an internal combustion engine. By providing inputs such as bore size, stroke length, and cylinder count, the tool accurately computes the engine displacement in cubic inches, cubic centimeters, and liters.

Engine Displacement Calculator Tool

Engine Displacement Calculator Tool

How to Calculate Engine Displacement

To calculate the engine displacement follow these short steps:

  1. Measure the bore size (b) of the engine cylinder. The bore size is the diameter of the cylinder.
  2. Measure the stroke length (s) of the engine. The stroke length is the distance the piston travels from top dead center to bottom dead center.
  3. Determine the cylinder count (c) of the engine, which represents the total number of cylinders.
  4. Plug these values into the formula: displacement = π / 4 × b^2 × s × c.
  5. Calculate the result using the appropriate mathematical operations, ensuring the units of measurement are consistent (e.g., centimeters, inches, etc.).
  6. The calculated engine displacement will be in cubic units, such as cubic inches or cubic centimeters.