Calorie Density Calculator

The “Calorie Density Calculator” is a helpful tool for determining the calorie density of different food items. By inputting the calories per serving and serving size, the calculator quickly calculates the calorie density in kcal/g.

Calorie Density Calculator

Calorie Density Calculator Tool

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How to Calculate Calorie Density?

To calculate calorie density, you can use the following formula:

Calorie Density = Calories per Serving / Serving Size

Here’s an example to demonstrate how to calculate calorie density:

Let’s say you have a food item with 250 calories per serving, and the serving size is 100 grams.

Calories per Serving = 250 calories Serving Size = 100 grams

Using the formula, we can calculate the calorie density:

Calorie Density = 250 calories / 100 grams

Calorie Density = 2.5 calories/gram

So, in this example, the calorie density of the food item is 2.5 calories per gram.

Calorie density is a measure of how many calories are present in a given amount of food. It allows you to compare the energy content of different foods and make informed dietary choices. Foods with lower calorie density generally have fewer calories per gram and can be beneficial for weight management or increasing the volume of food while controlling calorie intake.

Fruits Vegetables and Nuts Calories

Daily Eating Food Calories:

Food ItemCalories per Serving
Apple52 calories
Banana96 calories
Chicken Breast165 calories
Rice130 calories
Salad (with Dressing)120 calories
Yogurt150 calories
Oatmeal150 calories
Almonds160 calories
Salmon206 calories
Pasta200 calories
Spinach7 calories
Carrot25 calories
Avocado234 calories
Egg78 calories
Greek Yogurt100 calories
Quinoa222 calories
Beef Steak250 calories
Sweet Potato112 calories
Dark Chocolate170 calories
Broccoli55 calories

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