Cake Calculator

The “Cake Calculator” tool is designed to assist individuals in determining the quantity of cake needed for a specific event, such as a party or wedding. By inputting the number of guests, portion size, cake type, and the number of tiers desired, the tool calculates the estimated number of cakes required.

Cake Calculator

Cake Calculator – How Much Cake You Need?

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Cake Portions Table:

Here’s a table showcasing the approximate number of portions you can expect from round and square cakes of different sizes:

Cake Size (Inches)Round Cake PortionsSquare Cake Portions
5 inch812
6 inch1018
7 inch1224
8 inch1632
9 inch2036
10 inch2550
11 inch3060
12 inch3572
13 inch4084
14 inch4598
15 inch50112
16 inch55128

How Many Does a Full Sheet Cake Serve?

A full sheet cake typically serves approximately 70 to 80 people. However, serving sizes can vary depending on the desired portion size and how the cake is cut. It’s important to note that the dimensions of a full sheet cake can vary, but it is usually around 18 inches by 24 inches. If you have specific portion size requirements or a different size of sheet cake, please let me know and I can provide more accurate information.

Sheet Cake SizeServings (2″ x 2″ portions)Servings (2″ x 3″ portions)
Quarter Sheet (9×13)24-2818-20
Half Sheet (11×15)54-6036-40
Full Sheet (18×24)108-12072-80

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