Ap Euro Score Calculator

The “AP Euro Score Calculator” tool is a convenient and user-friendly application designed to assist students in calculating their AP European History exam scores.

AP Euro Score Calculator Tool

AP Euro Score Calculator Tool

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How To Calculate Ap Euro Score

To calculate the AP Euro score, you need to consider multiple components of the exam. The AP Euro exam consists of three sections: Multiple Choice, Short Answer, and Document-Based Question (DBQ) or Long Essay. Here’s a breakdown of how the scores are calculated for each section:

  1. Multiple Choice Section:
    • The Multiple Choice section consists of 55 questions.
    • Each correct answer earns you 1 point.
    • There is no deduction for incorrect or unanswered questions.
    • The raw score for the Multiple Choice section is simply the number of correct answers.
  2. Short Answer Section:
    • The Short Answer section consists of 4 questions.
    • Each question is worth 3 points.
    • The raw score for the Short Answer section is the sum of the points earned for each question.
  3. Document-Based Question (DBQ) or Long Essay Section:
    • The DBQ or Long Essay section consists of a single essay question.
    • The essay is scored on a scale of 0-6.
    • Graders evaluate the essay based on the following criteria: thesis, argument development, evidence, and synthesis.
    • The raw score for the DBQ or Long Essay section is the score awarded by the graders.

Once you have the raw scores for each section, the scores are converted into a composite AP Euro score on a scale of 1-5 using the following conversion table:

Raw ScoreAP Score

To calculate the overall AP Euro score, you would add up the converted scores from each section and determine the final AP score.

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