4l60e torque converter

The “4L60E Torque Converter” tool is a handy utility designed to assist with torque converter calculations and specifications for the 4L60E transmission.

4L60E Torque Converter Tool

4L60E Torque Converter Tool

How Many Torque Converter Bolts On 4l80e

The 4L80E transmission typically uses six torque converter bolts to secure the torque converter to the flexplate or flywheel. These bolts play a crucial role in maintaining the connection between the torque converter and the transmission’s flexplate/flywheel. It’s important to ensure that the torque converter bolts are properly tightened to the manufacturer’s specifications during installation or removal.

How To Drain Torque Converter 4l80e

Draining the torque converter in a 4L80E transmission can be a bit challenging as it does not have a specific drain plug like the transmission pan. However, there are a few methods you can use to drain the torque converter fluid:

  1. Pump Out Method: This method involves using a fluid pump to extract the fluid from the torque converter. Here are the steps:
    • Raise the vehicle securely on jack stands or ramps.
    • Locate the torque converter access cover on the bottom of the transmission housing. It is a small plate that can be removed to access the torque converter.
    • Remove the access cover using the appropriate tools.
    • Insert a fluid pump into the torque converter and extract the fluid. Be sure to use a pump suitable for transmission fluid.
    • Pump out the fluid into a suitable container until the torque converter is empty.
    • Once drained, reinstall the access cover securely.
  2. Transmission Flush: Another method is to perform a transmission flush, which involves flushing out the entire transmission system, including the torque converter. This is usually done using specialized equipment available at automotive shops. It’s a more thorough process but may require professional assistance.

Please note that draining the torque converter alone may not completely replace all the fluid in the transmission. It’s recommended to perform a full transmission fluid change at regular intervals to maintain the overall health of the transmission. Consult your vehicle’s service manual or a professional mechanic for specific instructions and recommendations for your 4L80E transmission.